We offer guidance to all business sizes

We are a Trade Stand & Tactical Marketing Consultancy

Our approach is simple yet effective.  Every plan we develop is individually tailored to ensure we deliver the best possible results and exceed expectations every time.

We pride ourselves on our ability to help clients communicate effectively in face-to-face interactions, whether that’s to their customers, suppliers, employees or stakeholders.

 Examples of our Training Courses

e-Learning Courses

Bite-size learning courses, mobile, relevant, personalised, with self-paced content at the point of need, in the evenings, at weekends and on the way to or from work.

Small Business Owners

The Seven Step Success System, a complete exhibit planning formula designed for business growth,  and to relieve the frustration of not knowing what to do next.

Trade Show Training to Maximise Your Investment

These courses are perfect for anyone planning to exhibit and feel unprepared.

Maybe you need to train others to prepare, plan and create an environment where your team can have successful sales conversations, such as a trade stand manager, marketing executive or event planner.

And finally, if you are the owner of a start-up or small business you need these courses more than anyone.  The stakes are particularly high for you.

Check out our 1-Day option below or e-Learning & Training courses above.

"Multiply My ROI"

Find out what's working NOW, troubleshoot your existing strategy, and start getting the highest possible return on the time and money you invest in your exhibiting

Examples of our 1-Day Man-the-Stand Training Topics

Preparation & Planning


  • Understanding The Company’s Objectives
  • Why Personal Targets Matter
  • Crafting Your Captivating Introduction
  • It’s Not a Flag Waving Exercise

Trade Stand Etiquette


  • Trade Stand Management, Timing Rotas
  • Acceptable Behaviour, Dress Codes & Image Impact
  • Sore Feet, Back Pain, Diet, Odour, Sleet
  • Classic Do’s and Don’ts



  • The 3 Stages of Visitor Experience
  • Prospects, Influencers, Wannabees, & Timewasters
  • Qualification, Who to Spend Time with and How to Move People On with Elegance.



  • The 3 Golden Rules to Successful Demonstrations
  • Conversational Scripting
  • Piquing Interest
  • Describing The Seen and Un-Seen

Intelligence Gathering


  • Competitors, Press, Speakers
  • Fusion Marketing Opportunities
  • Affiliations, Joint Ventures & Collaborations
  • What’s “Hot” And What’s Not



  • Accurate Recording of Leads
  • Maximising The Marketing Materials
  • Obtaining A Commitment
  • Avoid making fish homeless

Fee: just £1,395 per team

Find out more about fees here

What ourClients say…

“Carole and the Exhibitex team have been an excellent partner for WWMD in our quest to enhance and develop a better return on investment from our trade show exhibition activity.

Using her Eventful Exhibiting Formula she helped us understand the changing landscape of trade shows and showed us more local and specialist show opportunities that were open to us than we knew about.

Her guidance and insight helped the WWMD team develop a new first class modular exhibition stand flexible enough to work around varying space configurations to meet large and small show needs.

I’d recommend Carole and the Exhibitex services to anyone who is looking into developing or reviewing an exhibition strategy that delivers.”

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"Multiply My ROI"

Find out what's working NOW, troubleshoot your existing strategy, and start getting the highest possible return on the time and money you invest in your exhibiting

About Us

Carole Stacey’s a Business Practitioner who works on and in business everyday.   As a small business consultant she works with clients on strategy, planning and problem solving helping them develop business skills and knowledge for their next phase of growth.

With a background in business development, sales and marketing  she’s known for finding ways to reduce costs, improve marketing reach, identifying potential risks and advise on methods that will make them more efficient and profitable.

Another area of expertise is end-to-end events management for private functions; preparing and planning for a profitable exhibition at business and trade shows; direct to exhibitor on-stand ‘soft-skills’ training and delivered on-behalf of event organisers.