1:1 Expo Training & Mentoring

If you’re a Business Owner feeling overwhelmed by your exhibiting opportunity you’re in the right place:-

  • you’ve just booked or about to book your stand
  • what you’re doing is working – but not quickly enough
  • you’re ready to transform and realign your exhibit market model


With us you’ll quickly and easily build your confidence, saving you time, energy and money.

What our Clients say:

Our clients tell us they thoroughly enjoy being able to manage their learning, absorb new skills quickly and immediately implement what they’ve learned.

They can do this because we believe that guiding, supporting, advising and teaching is they way to transfer our knowledge so they can maximise their potential.

I believe that Teaching increases the ability to carry out a range of skills through direct interactions.  I help people to acquire the skills to perform a range of exhibit management tasks including how to prepare, plan and evaluate the outcome from an expo campaign.

As your Trainer I prepare materials and deliver content that transfer knowledge or develops new skills as efficiently as possible. The training style involves getting the ‘sales’ elements together for the product or service, and working next to the business owner to create an exhibiting channel focused on their desired outcome.

As your Mentor I like to build knowledge, self-reliance and capability. I’m there to fill in the blind spots, clarify motivations and help to remove mental obstacles to succeed. We deliver the prescription through instructions, guidance and advice and the implementation is done by you, the business owner;

Clients often say their inner confidence grows knowing that I’m here to share activity with them from inception to development and implementation.  I’m  on hand to cajole, encourage, advise and steer you, and equip you with the key skills in areas where you need support.


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