Manning the Stand is not always easy.

Who do you choose to represent your company? Who will be your ambassadors? What will they say? What will they do? How will your team engage with visitors? What do your team need to know to identify the ideal customers or clients for your business?

We recognise that no two exhibitors’ companies are the same, each brings a uniqueness all of their own. That’s why we can develop a specific course or tailor the Trade Stand Training to improve motivation and enthusiasm, tap into hidden talents and/or eliminate distractions and have fun or [you fill in this blank].

Trade Stand Personnel are the “Unsung Heroes” of any profitable exhibition stand. In this people-to-people activity the quality of interaction, and communication is critical.

Having a team who have been properly briefed, are clear about the role they play in the delivery of a profitable return on investment is without doubt the most important aspect of any exhibition programme.

Trade Show Training ensures your team is fully prepared to make the most your investment.


Trade Stand Training Course

Preparation & Planning


  • Understanding The Company’s Objectives
  • Why Personal Targets Matter
  • Crafting Your Captivating Introduction
  • It’s Not a Flag Waving Exercise

Trade Stand Etiquette


  • Trade Stand Management, Timing Rotas
  • Acceptable Behaviour, Dress Codes & Image Impact
  • Sore Feet, Back Pain, Diet, Odour, Sleet
  • Classic Do’s and Don’ts



  • The 3 Stages of Visitor Experience
  • Prospects, Influencers, Wannabees, & Timewasters
  • Qualification, Who to Spend Time with and How to Move People On with Elegance.



  • The 3 Golden Rules to Successful Demonstrations
  • Conversational Scripting
  • Piquing Interest
  • Describing The Seen and Un-Seen

Intelligence Gathering


  • Competitors, Press, Speakers
  • Fusion Marketing Opportunities
  • Affiliations, Joint Ventures & Collaborations
  • What’s “Hot” And What’s Not



  • Accurate Recording of Leads
  • Maximising The Marketing Materials
  • Obtaining A Commitment
  • Avoid making fish homeless

Fee: just £1,395 per team for the in-house plan

More about Pricing here

Please don’t just take my word for the ability to help exhibitors prepare to achieve success on the event floor. Read what our clients have to say about the services, what I am like to work with and the sort of results to expect.

I can also provide client references should you require them.

If you’d like to achieve a good return on investment for your organisation contact me now or to arrange your FREE consultation or call me on 01242 375717.

What ourClients say…

I recently had the good fortune to work with Carole. I found her to be not only highly knowledgeable but hugely supportive and a calming influence through the challenges of setting up an Exhibition stand.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Carole to anyone who wants to get more out of their Exhibit

Terry Malloy Video Marketing

Something to think about…

“One of the frequent arguments against investing in professional development is “What happens if I train my people and they leave?” A better question is “What happens if you don’t train them and they stay?”