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You and I know, as business owners, what a vital role your personal and business promotions play in today’s marketing mix.

Combining the right promotion and the right messaging with the right audience is a great way to accelerate business growth.

Promotions in the ‘live’ environment tend to attract the kind of people who are genuinely curious, have unmet needs or are actively searching for a solution to their problem – in other words, prospects!

But when you’re promoting a service (or a product) at a show it’s not always about selling; promotions are a means to inform, educate or inspire people to take the next step and have a proper conversation with your business, one that can ultimately result in revenue for your business.

Here’s the thing: Not everyone is properly prepared…

Thank you for the guides and templates, they helped me to see where I had been going wrong! Each step was clearly explained and the added tips and check lists were a real help. I more than doubled the results I had at my first business show – thank you.

Julie JonesThe Beauty Bowl

3 Easy Options for a great ROI

 that deliver a repeatable process you can roll out every time you exhibit – all focused on results…

Option 1


Especially if you feel unprepared to have sales conversations, that turn into sales, on the stand or during the follow-up process

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Option 2


All supported learning is designed to remove overwhelm, save money, save time, save energy and achieve a ROI to be proud of

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Option 3


‘On-the-Go’ quick & easy training with 24/7 access, perfect if you want a resource, focused on results, to refer back to

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What ourClients say…

I’m totally impressed with the practical and supportive manner that Carole provided from the moment we purchased the Toolkit. We now have a repeatable seven-step process that simply plugs into our marketing machine. Carole was on the end of the phone to provide additional support as we worked through the Toolkit, and many more useful tips and ideas were freely given to enhance our exhibit.

Anthony GriffinWest Midlands

Something to think about…

“If you focus on results, you will never change. If you focus on change, you will get results.” Jack Dixon